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Does your scheduling software company do free modifications?

Software the way it should be. Expert customer support and modified to user requirements. This is not just an off the shelf product.

April 20th 2011

About a year ago Accent Hospice Home Care bought On Schedule scheduling software made by code fish and they have been happy with it ever since. Accent is based in Idaho, USA and has about 25 staff caring for terminally ill patients in their own homes. They needed a system that was simple and flexible enough to accommodate their complicated scheduling needs. After a long search they chose On Schedule. The owner, Cory Castagneto, said at the time “On Schedule stands out far above the rest”.

As well as having perhaps the best product in the market; code fish have two major advantages over other scheduling software companies. These advantages are the quality of the support and that they modify the software to customer’s needs. Modifications that only benefit the customer requesting it are paid for but most are free.

As is typical Accent had lots of questions when they started. They needed a bit of handholding while they got used to the software. On Schedule always answered the phone and were happy to have long conversations. Screen sharing technology has made the process simpler more recently. “Support has been absolutely stellar…excellent!!” After initial setup there is only the occasional phone call or email.

When Cory asked On Schedule for district nurses to have limited scheduling rights over certain clients On Schedule were more than happy to do it for free. They extended the plan to introduce an access level called restricted users. Restricted users now only have the ability to view and edit specified pages, clients and employees. You can say for example employee 1 can view employee 1, 2 and 3 but only edit employee 2.

Accent have also been given a leave modification for free. They wanted leave to be entered by the hour instead of by the day. They also asked for an export to excel of user access groups by editable clients. As it is likely that they will be the only ones using this mod On Schedule charged for it. Accent were happy to pay the small fee. Another free modification was the ability to sort the schedule by role not just employee.

Cory says “The user access groups give so much modification capabilities…love it. We also are really enjoying the new export mod for the access groups….we pull it into excel and we can plan case loads (which nurse or aid will take which patient…and feel we can test it on paper before we make the new assignments and start scheduling). We haven’t really seen any negatives…great software…trying to get the word out to more home care companies or field and service work businesses“.