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Drag and Drop on the Graphical Timeline

  • Plan staff rotas with a graphical timeline view of the shifts; blue working hours translucently overlaying green on call shifts and grey available hours. Much easier to work with than a pen and paper or calendar style employee scheduling software. Just draw the blue shifts over the grey availability boxes for each employee.
  • Data input via standard forms or by using drag and drop - the mouse moving, creating and stretching shifts.
  • Graphical display in the week planner view which shows the whole week at a glance or drill down to the day planner view.

Software Window - Graphical Timeline

Semi Automated - Colours Help Finish the Job

  • The "few click scheduling system" is one of the things that makes On Schedule stand out. After setup, you can create rosters in just a few clicks with the automated system. You define the required shifts and roles that need to be filled, it assigns the staff based on availability and other algorithmic factors. Give it a try in the demo. The software allows as much or as little control over the final result as you want. You can edit the choices it makes after the initial shift assignments.
  • This employee scheduling software allows you to easily see the information you need at a glance when you need it. As you enter working hours (on the "few click scheduling system" and reassignments panel) you get a list of available and unavailable staff to select. Discover at a glance who has other shifts that would clash with certain selections and which selections are very close to other shifts. See whether employees are already working this day and for how long.
  • The use of colour is important in the system, giving schedulers all the information they need in a simple format. For example, unassigned visits are highlighted in red and non clashing selectable employees are shown in green.

Software Window - Available / Unavailable

Software Window - Available / Unavailable 2

Online Access From Anywhere

  • The employee scheduling software is web based so there is no installation. Just login once you have your password. Access the application from any computer with internet access in the world. Staff can also view shifts and visits from printouts or on their mobiles with internet access.
  • Works on Windows and Macs. It's been tested in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera.

Software Window - Login

Time and Attendance Tracking

  • A traffic light colour coded light board and a timeline view tracks who is late or absent. Get reports on lateness, absence and actual length of shift compared to scheduled over a period of time. Optionally calculate wages for time worked instead of time scheduled.
  • If appropriate you can use a punch in punch out system to update time and attendance records. As employees enter or leave buildings or rooms we have the iButton technology to record where they are an when. It can be used as a flexitime system or to confirm pre determined shifts. if the worker is off site you can record start and finish shifts by phone calls to an automated answering system which takes their pin. Coming soon are collagen readers and smartphone software for tracking. Collagen readers are 100% accurate not unlike fingerprint readers and solve the problem of "buddy punching". Smartphones can provide a cheap way to track locations as long as your workers have GPS capable smartphones. Feel free to discuss other methods for updating the time and attendance data.

Software Window - Login

Full Control Over User Security Access Rights

  • Design your access policy as simply or as complicated as your business rules are. From a simple scheduler / non scheduler model to systems involving third party companies accessing a portion of On Schedule and it's data. The later is ideal for employment agencies wishing to give some access or control to clients.
  • There are four access levels. Schedulers can view and edit the whole application. Non schedulers can mostly only view information with very limited editing rights such as the ability to enter their own availability. Restricted users are the third group; you have full control over what they can see and edit. Non users finally are staff in the system but cannot login.
  • The controlled resources are pages, employees, clients and places. You have full control over which of these your non schedulers and restricted users can view and edit.

Software Window - Editable


  • It provides reports for managers on payroll and budgeting. The payroll system is very flexible and open for modification requests. Easily and instantly calculate staff wages by role, duty and/or employee. Create itemised wage reports for each employee. Calulate over-time, on-call and leave payments.
  • Pay staff per hour or per shift or both.
  • Exports from the staff scheduling software to your brand of payroll system available upon request.
  • Graphical overview reports on the data in the system such as working hours, time and attendance, lateness, under or over working and employee attributes.
  • Unpaid break times are taken in to account as is unpaid absence.

Software Window - Payroll & Charges

Staff Login Too

  • Staff can enter availability, view rotas and request leave online. Non schedulers have their own login credentials to the software. They have a limited view of the system without editing rights. Key to the system is employees can specify their own availability.
  • Shared task lists for activities to be performed in each shift. Managers can assign tasks and check which tasks are complete at a glance.

Software Window - Enter Availability

Shift Swapping or Shift Bidding

  • A major problem for schedulers is handling last minute call-ins, shift swapping and reassignments. This software provides an easy to use control panel displaying who would be suitable and is available for taking on someone elses or a previously unassigned shift. Schedulers can either click to reassign or click to message selected candidates for accepting the shift on a first come first served basis. You can use free emails, 5p texts or both. Shift bidding and reassignments can even be initiated and accepted using a mobile phone with internet access. Next time a staff member says I don't want this shift you can say I'll open it up for bidding.

Software Window - Available / Unavailable 2


  • We offer expert support by email, phone and live text chat for free. We sometimes use remote screen sharing for personal user help and application walkthroughs. We have a human face as well as an online presence.
  • Two stage process for booking leave. Request and approval.
  • Special attention paid to error checking. For example you will not be allowed to enter employees as working in two places or two roles at once or when they have booked leave. We don't let you make mistakes.
  • Scheduled shifts can be emailed to all staff with a single click.
  • Weekly entries of availability and scheduled working hours and visits can be copied to the following week. You can also copy a single visit or a whole days visits to the following day for a particular client or place. This dramatically speeds up data entry.
  • More features available upon request.
On Schedule is now HALF PRICE to worthy charities or even FREE to some small ones

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